Sunday, November 13, 2005


So I went to a massive High School Reunion yesterday. It was such a 'blow out', all the old Gang was there, Ranger Stacy, Checkers, Filthy Alan, Goose, and Cameron the Cannon. We had the biggest fucking trip up Memory Lane EVER.


About my High School --> I went to St. Fabricon's Joint for Dudes and Chicks. It was a pretty dope school, all we did all day was study and learn shit, occasionally pausing to think 'where am I going with this'.

'Class of 19599'

Here's some highlights thrust right into your grills:

Ok this chick now Manages a Hospital for Retards. I asked her about it real surreptitious, she said QUOTE: "I don't want to talk about my Job right now, let's get a fucking Squash, I'm off the alcohol bruzz"

Straight up, the guy has 85 Childs. I'm like, 'you must be so proud' he's like ---> 'fuck yeah'.

Dude tried to grab my Package, I let him have it (it was a Package of Ties).

"He flies like his old man - by the seat of his pants"
"You'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit outta Hong Kong"
"We were inverted"

Still a Cannon. So classic.

Everyone was pretty fucking pumped to hear of my Unlimited Success in Journalism. So much so that it started to shit me --> pretty hard. I think this reminded people "don't fuck with IOYC, woah he hasn't changed - still really sweet".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucken ay bro IOYC, I went to St Fabricon's (the patron saint of polyester, rayon, etc) here in New Zealand. Fast times!

A big cheers and "get a sheepdog up ya" to Custard Crotch and her sister Tunnel if you're out there - I'm still waiting for a cure :/

11:07 PM  
Anonymous fancy said...

Yeah, okay, we'll tell them "anonymous" says hi.

Fucking stupid Kiwis, perched on their little disappearing speck of lame dub-infested do-goodery. Get thee hence!

11:12 PM  
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