Thursday, November 10, 2005


Why don't you 'take a leaf of my Book', right here:

Well today I took some 'time out' from Windmill Maintenance and Journalism for an interesting Day of Activities. Whilst entering a Megastore I thought about Harry Potter, AGAIN. Maybe I am possessed by Lord Voldemort HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED AS LORD VOLDEMORT. Maybe not, because there are posters of that shit all over the place, incl inside my Eye.

Then I went for lunch in the High School Cafeteria.

'See those fucking Jocks, or some shit --> FUCK JOCKS'

Later (much Later), I went on a Hill and had a little ponder of the lives and times of others on the Hill. A dude pushing a Stroller (Is it a Childs in there?? OR SHOPPING). Some Frisbee motherfuckers straight up chucking shit at each other, smearing themselves in fun. Ended up in some ole Bar, Man, did I have 'the times of our lives' in there - The Barman, 'Steve', he was just flipping drinks at Patrons, smashing them up, throwing Fire into Hair, what a riot.

I got back to the Windmill to find that it had been demoted to a lower credit rating, Standard & Poor really flipped out (Bbb+, WTF). So now I have all these debt problems. Is anything going right? The good news is a Rooster is nesting in my Fireplace, just hanging out. Fucked for Eggs, but if I get really hungry I can make a massive Cock Sandwich.

I wonder what Tomorrow will bring? Probably something pretty mindblowing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

IOYC, have you undertaken a course in Gonzo Journalism? If so, was the prerequisite of having a bootload of drugs difficult to meet? I mean, you seem to have consumed a good bootload and then some. Nice.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dude I am so versed in fucking Judo Defusion and 'The Ascetic Lifestyle of a Shit-Hot Pretty Nice Monk' that I can't even pollute my Mind with Salt / 'Utopian Ideals'. Imagine if I DID ingest a Drug, prolly be Journalling shit like:

Today I learned an important lesson about managing my personal issues. Tomorrow I might go for a swim and discuss mutual interests over coffee with my dearest friends. I've just read a novel about a trying time someone was experiencing. My word, it was moving.

Kind regards,
IOYC Daily Challenge

6:10 PM  
Blogger mscynic said...

I just knew you had it in you.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous fancy said...

Had what in him? A Cock Sandwich?

11:28 PM  
Blogger Jobe said...

Oh shit.

Ain't no coming back from THAT!


3:08 AM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Fancy + Jobe (=???)

There seems to be some confusion about the Cock Sandwich. I'd love to talk more about it right now but there are Chinese Festivities going on outside my Window and they are SO LOUD. Fucking China, is there a Louder country (Welsh?).

Kind regards,
IOYC Honorific

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:01 AM  
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