Thursday, September 29, 2005


Check this: you probably think 'Man, that IOYC's Mind is so Fact-laden, how can he take it?' I decided to ask myself the very same question in the form of telling it to a Licenced Hypno Tribal Counsellor. Shit didn't go according to plan, but I like to live 'on the Edge'.

'LOL your Mind has AIDS'

IOYC: So, Counsellor [NAME CENSORED]. How would you compare my Mind to most. Is it in a Problem?
Counsellor [NAME CENSORED]: I tell you what - fuck no. That shit is so dope it hurts my Qualifications.
IOYC: Can you please be fucking serious?
Counsellor [NAME CENSORED]: Let me touch it.
IOYC: Maybe I should Counsel you with this Fist.
Counsellor [NAME CENSORED]: Okay, okay. Let's talk about Mums.
IOYC: Let's talk about me exploding your Childs.
Counsellor [NAME CENSORED]: *cries*
IOYC: LOL you are such a Shit Counsellor.
Counsellor [NAME CENSORED]: I am so rethinking my life choices right now.
IOYC: Dope Transference - I can feel what it is like to suck.

Anyway I totally fucked that shit off and started thinking about other things, like this:

When Shin-ichiro Imai, a postdoc in Guarente's lab, mixed Sir2p, NAD, and part of a histone (a small protein commonly found in association with DNA in chromatin) in a test tube to see if Sir2p added ADP-ribose to the protein tails, he was shaken by the results. The histone molecules did not get heavier, as they would if weighed down by an extra ADP-ribose group. Instead, many of them got lighter by exactly 42 atomic masses. Guarente was reported to shout, "That might be deacetylation!"

I am pretty pumped to try an experiment with Sir2p and NAD right now. Imagine if I had some lying around.

'Is it in a Shark?'


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Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Anonymous

I might come round to your house and check you out IF I HAVE TIME.

Kind regards,

IOYC Machiavellian Plot of Destiny

5:21 PM  
Blogger Yubris said...

Dude, your mind is so fact-laded that I didn't even know that 'laded' is a word! Until I came here. And then checked to be sure. And then cursed myself for not believing that it was a word. Word.

BTW, Anonymous is so fucking keen right now.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Yubris

Thanks for drawing my Attention!! The sorry fact is I was being Attacked by Holograms when I wrote that Journalism so I was a bit distracted. So stupid - they aren't even real (they look pretty real!!).

Kind regards,
IOYC Spring / Summer 05

1:18 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Dear Black Wind, Fire and Steel (check out the gnarly capitialisation dude), I have finally managed to drag myself out of the depths of dispair/the couch and noticed that you are no longer closed. Whooooo! I am way excited that I will still be getting the facts from the comfort of my own computer. I searched for a bit for some other dope journalism but the broadsheets did not provide. And!! I nearly caught Age hanging out with all the old people in the Periodical section of the library!! Urg!

Keep up the good work right up until you get bored/head explodes.

7:32 PM  
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