Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Hold up - Can we just pause for a second to appreciate how fucking ill that Headline is. So Catchy, it's like something that might be dreamed up by the world's dopest Advertising Wizard, just ferreting away at his / her (its?) Laboratory making Products for us to 'Point of Purchase'. Man, is there ever a more Sincere job than that.

'Let's Solve Our Client to WIN in our Hearts!!'

To the point --> did you know that Orgone Energy is all around you? It's in every part your body right now - including the Anus. Straight up - It's what you might call 'The Life Force of the Universe'.


Orgone energy can help with so many things, crafting foods, a Sense of Achievement, exploding with Mirth. The only bad thing about it is that in large doses it's so deadly. Nobody knows what the threshold is, everyone just goes around trying it 'willy-nilly'. Once, 1,000 people died because one Orgone Energy tap was left on for only an hour. There was a big Court Case about it --> Verdict: Guilty of death by Orgone, sentenced to 200 hours of Arrest without a Warrant.

'I am the Law'

You'd probably like to try an Orgone Blanket, one day. Wouldn't you?

Be Warned:
"Most people experience the orgone blanket as very beneficial and creating a sense of well-being, however, people with conditions of high blood pressure, or other heart problems, epileptic attacks, brain tumors, and skin inflammations should not use an orgone blanket. Additionally, orgone blankets should not be used near operating TVs, computers, fluorescent lights, electric blankets, or microwave ovens."

Anyway I've got to go harness some Orgone Energy right now --> 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words'. (That saying is so Racist against Words, hypocritical as it's in Words. Fuck Actions!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Windows to the soul: Many share faith as religious blogging booms
Gannett News Service When Lee Anne Millinger got the grim news that she needed a kidney transplant, prayers for her well-being began to flow from her family, her Presbyterian church and -- because Millinger ...
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3:34 PM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Anonymous

I hope that kidney transplant didn't fuck up and kill Mrs Millinger and her whole family.

Kind Regards,
IOYC Sketching / Drawing

4:13 PM  
Blogger Yubris said...

Homes, I'd seriously love it if you gave me one of those blankets - you wouldn't happen to be an Orgone donor would you?

4:19 PM  
Blogger fluffy said...

This "Orgone Blanket" sounded suspiciously like an anagram so I ran it through the letter dejumbler and came up with "Not a broken leg".

Eerily accurate!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Yubris said...


I ran "Eerily Accurate" through the dejumblificator and I got "A creaturely ice".

Some serious investigation warranted* here.

* (tr.v) Having been covered by Warrant

5:35 PM  
Blogger Jobe said...

Illuminati braaaaaa

7:30 PM  
Anonymous ilse said...

Bugger: Post a Comment

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg. you are back. i am sooo pleased. try to not ever do that again, if you could.
the therapy bills could get prohibitive.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Ann Buckskin said...

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12:30 AM  

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