Wednesday, June 15, 2005


*of Scaffolding

The answer to this question is: All kinds of things. It's right up there with Concrete, in terms of just pure things to find out about for Journalists and 'interested parties'.


Haha! I'm pretty interested in them IS THAT OKAY.

Scaffolding can be (and most often is) used to make a 'structure', where dudes can hang out and put up a building, or just joke around in safety. It originated when people first tried to put up buildings, thousands of years ago. Nowadays it's everywhere, just look around and you'll probably see some.

'We are so relaxed right now because we are surrounded by Scaffolds'

I've been on the trail of Scaffolding for a fair while now, and I just keep getting more into it. BUT there are heaps of people out there who think something is 'afoot' when it comes to Scaffolds. They'll point out all kinds of geometric shapes in Scaffolding, saying it is a sign of Satan etc, 'the end of the World is Nigh' and so on. All I have to say to these people is: Fuck Off, with your Anti-Scaffolding Bullshit. What do you want, a ban on Scaffolding, there's no viable alternative plus where will it all end?

(Hopefully with a BAN on Tangram LOL)


Blogger Jess said...

The way you just masterfully used "LOL" in an actually funny way has impressed me beyond belief. I only wish I had a family member in the Scaffolding industry too in order to impress you in return with my insider "skinny".

6:57 AM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Jess

You probably do have a family in the Scaffolding world, have you checked out a Family Tree? I looked at mine and it's just fucking Scaffolding, Scaffolding, Scaffolding (it really actually is, OH FUCKING HELL THIS IS SOME 'BOY WHO CRIED WOLF SHIT').

Yours Sincerely,
IOYC Trustees

9:33 AM  
Blogger fluffy said...

I think I can see where this is going. First concrete, now scaffolding... is it possible you're doing research for an exposé on the construction industry? I won't tell anyone, just tell me if I'm right.

PS The Steel Reinforcement Industry of Australia doesn't expect anyone to realise that they snuck the word "cement" into their name. It's pretty clear which side their bread is buttered on wouldn't you say?

2:56 PM  
Blogger mscynic said...

Scaffolding killed Kennedy.

But don't worry, dude.

I'm on it.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Dr Henrik Ziegler said...

Furthermore, the Steel Reinforcement Industry of Australia has the title of "." on their webpage, as a CLEAR indication that they're complicit in the whole EROSION DESTROYING THE WORLD and turning it into a tiny dot situation.

possibly in cahoots with the cement people.

9:19 PM  
Blogger fluffy said...

Ha! Well "spotted" Dr Henrik.

Maybe it should be known as the DEconstriction industry.


* not a laughing matter

9:27 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

If I may further the already bizarre conspiracy theories offered.

All the stories on this website have been offered in a seemingly unrelated manner, but they are all important clues to the survival of mankind.

IOYC could very well be the "deep throat" of this century.

Erosion is unstopable, but it does not effect Reinforced Steel Beams. There are many steel beams on an oil rig, co-incidentally another place not affected by Erosion.

So, clearly the author of this website is painting the picture for us. For our own survival we must put all our money into a tax haven, re-insure our assets, learn yoga and study how to be a survivor in order to make the trip to the oil rig. New Zealand has already virtually disappeared because they did not heed this advice, we won't even mention the trouble Hong Kong were in. The "win a door" competition was code for "getting passage" to safety. "Surviving an explosion" was code for "surviving erosion" to which IOYC holds the key (and now we do too).

The rest of the world who does not make it onto the Oil Rig of Safety/Prosperity/Survival/Good times will basically end up dead. IOYC is researching his heart out to put all the world's useful and acquired knowledge into his museum.

9:52 PM  
Blogger mscynic said...

Well played, Adam.

I, for one, am stocking up on tinned goods as we speak.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Adam and Everyone!

All I can say is,

HOLY SHIT x 1,000

It's like I didn't even know what was going on, just reporting the stories, obviously some other dudes were 'Comptrolling' my mind? I feel quite used by this conspiracy but also quite a bit like a fucking Amazing Scoop has happened!! (much bigger than I could have expected).

I am going to get to the bottom of this shit (in order to plan how to deal with it).

Yours Sincerely,
IOYC Military-Industrial Complex

3:35 AM  
Blogger Mere Kris said...

Dear IOYC,
I would really like to see an expose(ay) on cleaning. There's something not right about the act of cleaning, particularly with liquids.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Book Book Cheep Cheep said...

I love Grand Theory. It's my favourite kind of Theory.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Mere

The trouble is I'm right into Cleaning, so it would be a massive cover-up / conflict of interest to investigate it. As much as I would like to! (because I'm right into it!! It would be like a Dream Assignment)

Yours Sincerely,
IOYC Digital Versatile Disc

10:02 AM  

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