Monday, June 06, 2005


You're going to experience a 'drop in cabin pressure' when I tell you I've just been offered Curator of a Museum.

Get this, from now on if I want I will totally be putting together Exhibits of like skulls and shit, probably a tableaux of Ancient Peoples (Asia or Egypt), how a Plane Works, just anything I can think of.

Here's a F.A.Q. about what's going on, because I am just not going to have time to be answering every motherfucking question that people ask me.

1. What Museum Is It.

Haha, I can't tell you that, because of the Privacy Act! But it's definitely not this one:

'Is this an entry in the competition: World's Shittest Museum'

2. Won't this interfere with being a Journalist??

I doubt it, it should be piss easy.

3. Can you do an Exhibition on Desert Mammals.

Do you mean like a Fennec Fox? Do you know that Fox has big ears to radiate heat? IT'S FUCKING HOT IN THE DESERT (during the day). I am so down with doing that Exhibition. You better come and see it.

4. You just finished saying you hate antiques, so much, and now you are going to probably be Curator of a Museum??

I pretty much do whatever I want! It's not like I'm restrained by Consistency.

Man, I am excited about / by this opportunity. It's the Chance of a Lifetime?


Blogger Adam said...

I am so coming to this museum, I am excited about learning about stuff like the history of mad cow disease and see dudes all buried and stuff. I would like to see an exhibit of proud dinosaurs in their natural habitat before they were confined to the humiliation of performing in childrens music groups.

The only thing that can possibly stop this whirlwind of excitement is finding out that this museum is not in Sydney or ANY of it's surrounding suburbs.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Adam

Your enthusiasm for the museum is fucking awesome!! The only thing is there won't be any dinosaurs. You better not just 'fuck it off, where's the dinosaurs, etc etc I HATE MUSEUMS NOW'.

Best Wishes,
IOYC Research and Development LLP

5:13 AM  

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