Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Of Course, C.P. is an abbreviation of Colin Powell.

It wasn't so long ago that this dude was everywhere on TV, Media, just chilling out and telling everyone What's Up with Wars and other 'business of the day'.

'Tomorrow there will be a War of Iraq, Kuwait etc'

Suddenly, POW(ell), he's vanished, you can't even track him down. I started to ask myself, 'Has he gone into Hiding, Is Colin Powell, Where??' [ie. the Tough Questions]. First things first, i just straight called him up. Holla at my research skills, if you can handle it.

IOYC: Colin Powell. Sup.
Colin Powell: I have been demoted from Secretary of State to a position as a Menial Serf.
IOYC: Woah. Might I add, Suck shit!
Colin Powell: In my former incarnation as Secretary of State I would have totally fucking wasted you for saying that, now I am so powerless and will just take it like a little defenceless kid.
IOYC: I see. So you're not in a position to tell me What's Up with Wars, probably too busy crying!!
Colin Powell: I am conflicted as I respect you and your Journalism immensely but you are making me feel worse about myself in this trying time.
IOYC: Sorry dude.
Colin Powell: ... (Explodes with Joy, Woooo!)
IOYC: Back to business, are you going to be around much these days?
Colin Powell: No.

[Interview terminated]

I reckon he's okay now, probably glad that we don't hear from him much any more, just leave him in Peace etc.

'In Happier Times'


Anonymous Deep Throat Surgery said...

Don't think I can't see that CONSTRUCTION HAT on that Colin Powers dude im on your computer.

You're all like "oh, there's no conspricay and you're just posting the same shit on different shit on different pages, but its clear as day that" your being lobbied by congress or the construction industry and when I say, or you say if it's in your quote marks, 'lobbied' I ain't talkin about no hotel foyer like Mark Felt would've been or even chucking a ball OK??? I'm talking about things like cahoots and someone scratching your back while you've got your hand in their pocket or overalls, you dig? (and I don't mean with a bobcat or bulldozer either)

Still... he looks funny man!!! Ha ha! Dance invisble WMD dance! (but don't thiink you can get away with this black wind and fire dude)

4:39 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Is it just me or did the air just get more Conspiracyedier in here?

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Deep Throat Surgery said...

For real! I didn't even realise that this Condi Powell guy was so high up the chain of command, like one of the top links even that is holding the buckets of concrete over our society and as soon as the knot slips the whole scaffolding will come crashing down!$@!

It's all making sense now and I'm so SACRED my knees are shaking, especially cause I'm now starting to believe HEis on my computer and he's gonna get all "Abu Ghraib on my ass" or fingertips!* <- NOT AN ASTERIX PERTAINING TO ANYTHING ELSE BELOW THE TEXT LIKE A SUBTEXT OR PRETEXT

But then again, maybe he's just being 'Colintrolled' like he said before and so he doesn't even know what he's doing - like maybe he's not even a he, or even WORSE THAT he's not even!!

Fucking freaking out like Angelina is staring at his RING OF DOOM is all I can say. I'm heading underground in a big way where there's no 'COLINCONSPIRISTRUCTION' or shit like that.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Deep

Holy Shit, you could be so onto something (Scoop) but I also think like, just Chill Out dude! It's not like anything could possibly happen with Colin Powell and Scaffolds and Sherriff Richard Ingram to fucking protect all of us, Game Wardens etc 'You Won't Get Away With This' / 'Dastardly Plot (eg Movie)'!



Anyway, to 'fill you in' I'm totally hanging out drinking a Watermelon Juice, shit is calming me down so much! That's some fucking refreshing juice, THANKS WATERMELONS / JESUS CHRIST, GOD ETC.

Kind Regards,
IOYC Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Deep Underground Throat (totally NOT anyone that has posted here) said...

OMG, hold the water Melon! Apart from all of this talk of "Scooping" dirt I've "doug" around and found more evidence of the "connex"-tion between "C.P." and "CONSTRUCTION" and "QUOTES". It's very carefully hidden and takes many layers of enCRYPTion to uncover, but it's contained in this image on the WWW of the Internet:

Click Here If Your A Misplaced Possessive Ready To Blow You're Mind

That PLUS the fact that he fully EXPLODED while you interviewed him and then continued talking. Talk about "the Colonator getting" into your ass or mule or any shit like that!!!

OR it could have been that he never actually exploded, but ACTUALLY said this to you:
"Ellipsis Open Parenthesis Explodes with Joy Comma Woooo Exclamation Mark Close Parenthesis" in which case I fully applaud your Journalism and Transcribing efforts with all of my digits!

Just keep the re-search cumming and we'll all be covered with melon sprog in no time!!! Yeah! Fucking Erosion take that yeah!! Fuck!!! Fucking fuck!! yeah!!!

2:31 AM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Deep

Woah, you're flying right off the 'Deep' end dude!

Let's just pause for a second to cop the wittiness of that shit!! It's not often I'll just fucking make a joke, for the hell of it in the middle of a serious Expose, Information etc.

Anyway what it comes down to is - I don't think there is a big conspiracy with C.P. and shit but if there is, it would need to be the size of eighty planets (not like fucking MERCURY, What A Shit Planet!!) to stop me from pursuing INTEGRITY JOURNALISM every single day. So it's like Paradise on Earth!

Kind Regards,
IOYC Negotiable Bearer Bonds (not reclaimable on demand)

4:03 AM  
Blogger Phoenix said...

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