Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Do you like poaching? I'd suggest you back the fuck up. Because as of today / recently, if you poach even the world's tiniest fish, a Game Warden is gonna be on your ass faster than you can say 'OH SHIT'.

A Game Warden hates nothing more than to see a dead animal (that was killed illegally). It wrecks their whole day, especially if they never, ever catch the perpetrator.

'Check out this dead eagle, I am disgusted with this shit'

The realness: Camouflage. A Game Warden could hide in the jungle for a week watching you assess the prospect of poaching animals, you wouldn't even know he was there. Then he would pop up! Say hello to being arrested or at least cautioned.

I wouldn't even think about not listening to a Game Warden dressed in his / her uniform of overalls and about 40 guns, knives etc.

Being a Game Warden can get pretty hectic. It's a lot of time where you basically deal with just animals and perpetrators. You have to keep your mind on the job at ALL TIMES otherwise motherfuckers will be poaching on your turf while you are distracted.

'You think I am distracted by this shit, my mind is on protecting Game why aren't you wearing a shirt'

Famous Game Wardens like Terry Hodges (author of Predators etc) are often writing books to tell the wider public about what the story is with Game Wardening. This is how I found out about it (I didn't find out through poaching). And after reading every single book on the subject I could get my hands on (3) I sure as hell will never even poach one thing in the future.


Anonymous BT said...

I am a game warden I will get you IOYC you fucker for eating that Leedsichthys problematicus. Also did you squeeze lemon on it for awesome flavour?

9:00 PM  
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