Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Literally this minute I walked in the door from having a really big interview with Sherriff Richard Ingram.


The one and only Sherriff of Churchill County totally sitting at a desk like he does normally.
Photo: Reuters / AAP

You're probably thinking about what the hell it would be like to step into his shoes for even five seconds. Could you do it? Maybe after reading this interview you'll be better equipped to answer that question, and also just damn pumped up to have learned more about one of the best Sherriffs in the 'business' (Sherriffstry).

IOYC: Hola Sherrif Ingram, habla Espanol?
RI: Si.
IOYC: Awesome.
RI: (Laughs).
IOYC: Could we get back on track for a second, what has been your highlight so far as Sherriff.
RI: One time I completely saved the whole of Churchill County from being killed by a tornado of crime.
IOYC: Sounds amazing!
RI: It was actually extremely traumatic for me and my family can we please edit this bit out later.
IOYC: Do you want to stop the interview for a while.
RI: (Laughs).


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