Monday, December 17, 2007


For all his faults, Stephen Chumby sure doesn't dick about when it comes to turn-around time. Check this.




Thanks for your letter of even date. I have processed all the information therein.

Unfortunately I cannot grant you an Employment; no fucking way bro. Remember what happened last time I was your Line Manager - it almost cost me my career.

In brief:

1. You and Derek Fan sent out a package of documents to our biggest client and marked the envelope 'Dear Cock Blankets'. Upon opening said envelope our biggest client found only 300 copies of a single photocopied sheet reading 'I <3 YOU'. I don't think Fan was behind this - he's a good guy just a little lost in the world. I think you were behind it. I REALLY THINK THAT.

2. A pretty huge deal was going down and I gave you full responsibility for compiling the final piece (of the deal). Upon entering your Office at 11:59 pm with Closure due on the stroke of Midnight I discover you playing Tetris to a very advanced stage. Fair enough I was fucking mesmerised by the sheer speed with which the Tetris shapes descended that screen. They were a blur. It was actually beautiful.

2a. The point is I gave you that responsibility.

2b. You shirked it.

In summary please don't ever try to contact me again however McLimits sends his regards, specifically he wanted me to tell you 'Hey what the fuck's up IOYC!! Shit yeah cuz! Been a while has it fuck!!'.

With Warm Regards,

Stephen R. Chumby
Line Manager


'Plenty to think about'

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Dear Stephen Chumby,


This correspondence finds me in a pensive mood, just chilling out looking through a Window with a faraway gaze at what is going on outside. Coincidentally my window looks onto 400 Televisions.

What has been happening lately well I enrolled in a powerful course of empowerment, boosting the fuck out of my shit. My resume actually looks like a framed version of the Nobel Prize. The trouble is that now my skill set is simply too great. I'll be given a problem, and solve it practically within milliseconds, pissing off my co-workers who are just trying to go about their day putting food on the table. Even old Alan O'Mallon, who used to be my staunchest ally, is giving me shit looks out the corner of his eye.

I suppose I will have to find new Employment, Chumby, and that is why I write to you now. Also just to see how it is going, did anything ever eventuate with that Periscope you were building in your house; as I recall there were some design difficulties, you designed it upside down, I tried to tell you using the gentlest possible terms and you advised and I quote "hey buddy, hey look, if you only want to fuck up my Periscope you can get out of my Home right now the door is just past my Crying Wife saying 'you've ruined everything' and then the next left".

So anyway about that Employment also pls say hello to McLimits and Derek Fan (do you still see those guys).

Yours sincerely,

Thursday, December 06, 2007