Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Check out this bullshit reverse press conference drama I just had with the Cobra Commander, sad as us dudes used to be so simpatico it was like we were sharing the same Mind, when in fact we were just sharing the same Jug of Water. Maybe we got ionised, who the fuck knows / cares.


That's really lovely.


Background: IOYC and the Cobra Commander have been conducting missions into deep Enemy territory probably, like recon, spying, generally fucking shit up all over the place right under their noses like a couple of dudes / chicks who don't worry about anything except winning, Facts, Ambush and being Correct as shit.

COBRA COMMANDER: Hey IOYC what's up champ.
IOYC: Not much CC thanks for coming to the reverse press conference.
COBRA COMMANDER: I would have come here even if my whole family was having weddings on the same day - to each other.
IOYC: Word/s.

MEMBER OF THE PRESS: Holla IOYC and CC, my name is Member of the Press and my question is as follows:

[Edited for clarity]

COBRA COMMANDER: I'll field this one ay.
IOYC: Like fuck you will.
COBRA COMMANDER: Now listen here IOYC I don't want to pull rank but I am the Commander of this shit and will be answering this question if it's the last thing I do and I die straight after doing it.
IOYC: I've had it up to here (motions to fucking dope Neck) with your domineering shit Cobra Commander, all I do is complete missions and you take some of all the credit. If I wasn't dead calm with a heartbeat of 75 BPM I would do battle with you right now.

Members of the Press start running the hell out of the reverse press conference ie:


COBRA COMMANDER: Fair point IOYC I have totally sucked lately. CAN WE STILL BE FRIENDS?? please.

Members of the Press run the hell back in looking for a massive 'Reunion Scoop'.

A total Group Hug ensues.

IOYC: Let's never argue again unless you fuck up.


Pretty long piece of Transcript, but worth reading if you value shit that is great.


Blogger that's mister nora to you, sonny said...

Dear IOYC,

Awesome post, I concede, but WTF WHERE IS PUTIN.

xoxo nora [Member of the Press/ed]

4:41 PM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...

Dear Mister Nora

I'm not saying that I've been strongly discouraged in talking about Putin any more on this Web Page but I may suggest that we all just shut up about Putin for a minute because you know there might be some shit going down not mentioning any names nothing like POISON OH GOD IT'S POISON JUDO POISON I'M DYING SLOWLY PAINFULLY THE ARM STRENGTH FADING FROM MY BODY or anything like that to do with Putin, not at all, the guy is really a great Dude and awesome Captain of USSR, flawless in his performace and unimpeachable in all respects, for sure.

Kid Regards,

4:58 PM  
Blogger Black Wind, Fire and Steel said...


4:59 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Dear IOYC,

You got 99.99999% of the words spelled right.

Kind Retards,

5:26 PM  
Blogger Dave Mack said...


*Sounds of blood curdeling*

10:37 PM  

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